Expected SC's are not incrementing

  • After each of the first 2 contracts, I saw my expected SC's increment by 3....meaning after the first one I saw 3 expected SC's and after the second active contract I saw 6.01 expected SC's.

    Now I have 8 active contracts but my Expected SC's are not increasing. According to what I see, each new contract I should see an increment of 3 SC's.

    Where are the other 18 SC's expected for the other 6 active contracts that Im seeing as being hosted here??

  • @casbot1969
    Question how do you know the number of contracts renters have bought from you?

    After you have answered that- what makes you think that number is correct?

    Is there a way for you to verify the legitimacy of that number?

    If you cannot definitely answer these questions- then exactly what are you expecting to earn?

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  • What Im going by is it says there are 8 active contracts. If you look up your host in the list of hosting servers, each contract price is 3SC's. Therefore, if there are 8 active contracts, then technically there should be 24 expected SC's.

    Where can you go to verify this is correct?? The sia client isnt that intuitive to show who or what ip addresses are actively contracted or using it. It would be nice to see something, but I guess thats part of the anonymous piece of this.

  • @casbot1969 You have answered your own questions... just now.

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  • moorsc0de....you seem to be an ass. I have not answered my questions. Therefore, if you cant answer the question, then shut the hell up.

  • Now for someone who is going to be a little helpful than the ass "moorsc0de", the question is,

    If contracts are 3SC's and you have 8 active contracts, then why isnt the "Expected" SC's increasing with the active contracts??? I could eventually have 150 contracts and if they values are not incrementing, then my host would be out there acting as a free server, and that's not the point of being a host.

  • @casbot1969 good luck. with a response. I did help. I have mucho expeirence with Sia UI.
    I just had you think your own way thru it- rather than just tell you. Your attitude kinda sucks So .. good luck with it all.

    Tell ya what... turn the UI off and I bet your contract count goes up. Then shut it off again- bet you the contract count goes up... hmmmm keep doing that and youll have many contracts.
    Now check and see if your expected Sia amount goes up too...hmmmm

    Unofficial User / Tester / Analyst of Sia ( w/Renter and Host experience)


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