HELP - Sia Error

  • Hello Sia-Community,

    following issue:
    I installed Sia UI on MacOS. Created my wallet, and during that I send some SC to my SC-wallet adress whilst the wallet was still synchronizing the blockchain.
    For some reason my computer shut down and when I tried to open the Sia UI I get the following ERROR message:
    A critical error loading Sia has occured: Siad unexpectedly exited. Error log: Loading...
    (0/6) Loading siad...
    (1/6) Loading gateway...
    (2/6) Loading consensus...
    Closing gateway...
    panic: invalid page allocation: 0

    ..followed by the list of something like this:
    oroutine 1 [running]:*freelist).allocate(0xc4200efb60, 0x32, 0x32000)
    /home/jrh/go/src/ +0x328

    If theres anyone facing the same issue please let me know how you got this solved..
    Really need to get my SC off the exchanges.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Who can run Sia UI on macOS?

    What is the Dev-Team saying about this issue?

    this I really urgent..


  • @blockchainZ you may wanna go to #dev in the slack

    Unofficial User / Tester / Analyst of Sia ( w/Renter and Host experience)


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