Operating system drive failed host drive migration

  • My operating system drive failed, I still have my storage folder drives. I have reinstalled and synchronized with my new os hard drive using my seed (old storage drives connected),wallet balance is correct. I just need to add the storage with contracts just don't know how to, My os is linux mint 18.2 any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • @praxis
    I'm afraid you have bad luck.
    At present restoring contracts from the blockchain is not possible. Nor for the renter nor for the host.
    You need the previous data from the operating data folders... Obviously you have no backups to restore from. Have you tried something like ddrescue or other data extraction tools?

    I asked this on the "hosting handbook" thread and @Taek told:

    It's a good idea to keep the actual wallet folders themselves (the host, wallet, consensus, etc. directories) running on raid10, or maybe even triple mirroring. If you lose those, you lose the whole host.

  • Thank you for the expeditious response .On the linux mint distro what folder would hold the db host files? thanks

  • @praxis
    I'm not on linux, but from what I have seen, the working data of Sia on linux should be:
    Unless you have specified it elsewhere (by giving the -d parameter to siad if running the cli).

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