Solo mining assistance

  • Hello,

    I am interested in trying out Solo-mining with Sia , i have alot of RIGS that i would like to test out by myself. Any help or advice on how i can setup the solo mining ?

  • What's your hashrate? (Or how many rigs do you have?)

    To solo mine you would point your miners to whatever PC you have running Siad.

    Although, due to the current diff, it could be weeks/months before you found a block.

    -- -- Your PPS Sia Pool.
    I'm not affiliated or work on the Sia/Nebulous team.


  • i have a rig with 7 x 1080ti's am mining at 21-22 GH/S . I am planning to increase my rigs too but i would like to know how to solo mine

  • 22GH/s would average to 1 block every 5 weeks if difficulty (global hashrate) not changes, right?

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