Locked Collateral is lost when no data uploaded under contract?

  • I'm using storage obligation api to see what contracts my host have.
    With https://s-anasol.github.io/hostdbviewer/#/ which allow me to see contracts in beautiful way
    With this two tools i'm able to see what contracts my host have.
    I see that there are quite big ammount of contracts with locked collateral, but no data uploaded. And i confirm locking of collaterl by this contracts in "wallet transactions"

    I was thinking that locked collateral for failed contracts with no data uploaded will be returned when storage proof window ends, but as long as i can see in "wallet transactions" this doesn't happen.
    When contract is failed i see
    2017/07/11 18:55:43.180727 storageobligations.go:574: Missed storage proof. Revenue would have been 971469293079227611912127230.
    in logs

    Anyone have some ideas about it? What is going on?

  • @Cinerar
    Unchartered waters .... Sia has yet to explain this... proceed with extreme caution.

    Unofficial User / Tester / Analyst of Sia ( w/Renter and Host experience)


  • added some additional info to github issue

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