SIA software wallet locked asking for password to unlock it

  • i downloaded the sia software and it says wallet locked. and it needs a wallet password i wrote down on the previous screen a bunch of words and i entered it twice and nothing happened it still says locked. thanks.

  • Did it say the password was wrong? Have you tried to restart Sia, and then unlock again?
    Also as far as I remember the first time you unlock your wallet it can take a very long time, depending on how powerful the computer is.
    I believe that is still the case for version Sia 1.2.2, but only the first time.
    (someone please do correct me if I am wrong on this)

  • yes it said password was wrong. I am still trying to understand how to unlock it. whats your advise?

  • @moey124
    Have you transferred any coins to your account/wallet?
    If no, shut down the sia, (kill the siad process if it remains alive), delete the wallet.db file from your "Application Data" folder and start over- create new wallet.
    If yes, you can check the words you wrote down for spelling errors...

    Or, did you set the encryption password at first run (when creating your wallet)? That is the password you should write into the unlock password dialog textbox.

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