No Enough Contracts To Upload

  • Since yesterday im waiting for contracts to form to upload files.

    I have 20000 CS allocated and only 10 contracts.

    The UI is open since yesterday too.

    What should i do?!


  • Looks like 10 contracts already locked all 20 000 SC. Bad...

    Renters need ASAP a setting similar to hosts maxcollateral variable to limit how much SC can be allocated to a single contract.
    I think best thing you can do now is to cancel allowance. This will should return most of money (minus 266 SC which already spent) to you after contacts expire (~12 weeks by default). If you try to use (upload) now you will probable loose allocated coins all to one of "rogue" hosts.

    If you want more detail about WTF is going on - post info with output of following commands in console (remove files names/paths if it contain any personal information)
    renter prices
    renter contracts

  • renter

    Renter info:
    Storage Spending: 0 H
    Upload Spending: 0 H
    Download Spending: 0 H
    Unspent Funds: 1.984 KS
    Total Allocated: 1.984 KS

    No files have been uploaded.

    renter prices

    Renter Prices (estimated):
    Fees for Creating a Set of Contracts: 179 SC
    Download 1 TB: 23.72 SC
    Store 1 TB for 1 Month: 230.2 SC
    Upload 1 TB: 17.23 SC

    renter contracts

    Host Remaining Funds Spent Funds Spent Fees Data End Height ID 284 SC 0 H 59.36 SC 0 B 126790 2d3ac4c5c88211a1a4f51f326643bd76651121e0722cc409db582bd9a97e5eb4 227.2 SC 0 H 31.79 SC 0 B 126790 495527ade22c4e3258575236945472191f95139dec421dbc054a1f901832f674 213 SC 0 H 22.46 SC 0 B 126790 ecdc8f8f270058f1821d308a8edc5add998fb078202283fa6d73b5aab1f1192f 198.8 SC 0 H 35.36 SC 0 B 126790 663a28511ca87fa6283772eb7859705ed403b857a29f1a5c2647b0d108f69b3c 142 SC 0 H 24.54 SC 0 B 126790 4a6e688b38a6822a64e296ccba25a99dbf0a784636bc555f2a0e6a5f132d976c 142 SC 0 H 22.46 SC 0 B 126790 078e05f8df8e0d31811be2f0c87b84a27ef8c93bb3a632746e1dd95f7524cc7d 142 SC 0 H 22.46 SC 0 B 126790 ca87cdf5dc0d7201e761ded421de9d829b2196b4260db82b91e72102c43cad06 142 SC 0 H 22.46 SC 0 B 126790 2f9e3f9f799a0ee1b629f2732dd85d63097d01d05873069aa58eebcd955ae9cb 142 SC 0 H 11.51 SC 0 B 126790 66aa9db490afc2b225bb48459f01d84ec884c811ea627beadac760d5fb10dceb 85.19 SC 0 H 13.36 SC 0 B 126790 e494ef5f732fdb420126408a10f2aeba48c8a7dcdd87a6658b37cdd1175babcd

  • How interesting...

    GUI and core client show different and conflicting information.

    Looks like it is a bug only with GUI and "under the hood" everything works as expected this time. Here your contacts info in more handy form:

    Actual spending = 266 SC. Actual allowance = 1984 SC (266 spent + 1718 SC ready for use as prepaid deposits for hosts service)
    In a wallet section you should see transaction only for ~2 000 SC, not 20 000. Right?

    If so - you can continue to use it further. Actual prices look reasonable, so add more allowance until you got ~50-55 active contracts. Approx spending should be in ~10-15KS range for next few month and you will get a LOT of space(up to 10 TB i think) and bandwidth for it. Unspent coins should carry on to next period automatically (if you run client at least once per month) or will return back to you if you stop using storage.

    Better avoid using buggy UI for allowance for now (until it fixed in one of the next versions) Use console/terminal commands above to check status.
    Plus "renter allowance" and "renter setallowance" to adjust allowance.

    Post "renter allowance" output here before changing allowance and check wallet too (in gui or "wallet balance" and "wallet transactions" in the terminal)

  • renter allowance

    Amount: 20 KS
    Period: 12960 blocks

  • This look OK too - 20k coins for 90 days (12960 / 144) period. All as you set.
    But renter should continue contract forming process in such conditions. Does your wallet unlocked and has enough funds?
    If you have loaded 20 000 SC to this wallet before setting allowance there must still be at least 18 000 SC left.

  • Look:

    Confirmed Balance: 0 SC
    Unconfirmed Delta: 0 SC

    Something is really strange.

  • Yes, really strange indeed.

    I am not sure what to do next. So your wallet is empty now and it has had 20 000 SC(twenty thousand) before you start trying to rent space and set allowance to 20k?

    You can check contract list again. Is there any changes? Or only same 10 contracts you posted before?
    If still 10 you need to inspect wallet transactions thoroughly. There are must be 10 small outgoing transactions - 100-350 coins each, total sum <2000 - these coins sent to signed contracts. Also can be about 10 "zero" transactions.
    And other txs in the wallet history will show you what happened to other 18 000 SC.

    And i must ask again - are you really sure (checked already) what you loaded wallet by 20 000 SC(twenty thousand)?
    All this strange behavior can be easily explained if you did a accidental mistake due to inattention - load wallet with 2000 (two thousand) coins and set allowance to 20 000(twenty thousand).
    Renter module does not check is there enough coins in the wallet to fill allowance requested by user. And starts making big contracts, run out of money fast and stuck in a position where wallet is already empty but number of contracts not enough to start store files on the network.

  • Sorry, i wrote wrong.

    It is 2000.

    So, what i have to do to fix it? How much i have do transfer? What i have to do to make ir right?

    Thank you very much

  • So, you have had only 2 000 coins in your wallet and you did a mistake by setting allowance at 20 000 coins (x 10 time more that you actually had)?

    How to fix...
    It depends on what you want. Do you still want to use Sia to store your files?

    If no - don't do anything at all. Just simply wait. After 10-11 weeks(at point when network reach block #126790) remaining money (~1700 coins) should return to your wallet automatically. After you get money back - set allowance to 0(zero) before unlock wallet again to avoid formation of new contracts.

    If yes (you still plan to use sia storage):

    1. Set allowance to correct value. Something like 3000-4000 SC should work.
    2. Load wallet with additional money (1000-2000 coins: new allowance value minus 2000 SC) and leave it unlocked.
    3. Client will continue formation of contracts after it. Already existed 10 are valid and will be used too. But client needs more (40-50) to work properly.
    4. Start uploading your files to network.
    5. After some time (few weeks) set allowance back to desired level to limit spending

  • ty this helped me too

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