Recovering Wallet SiaCoin?

  • I need some help.

    I've had a little problem with my mac drive and for some reason it gets a kernel panic on boot.
    I got a new SSD and got mac os sierra running again on it - however I want to move my wallet to the new hard drive.

    I am able to access all the files on the previous hard drive as I have not yet destroyed it's contents.

    On submitting the SEED I am then asked for a wallet password to unlock the wallet - when I put my password in it comes up with an error

    error when calling /wallet/unlock: provided encryption key is incorrect

    Is there some files that I would need to perhaps grab from the old hard drive and place in the new location?

    I run 2 HD's. One is a 250SSD that runs the OS and some other applications etc and the other is a 2TB that has most my data files as well as other applications. I've installed Sia on my Secondary Hard Drive - This one was not changed however after changing the SSD it still had to synchronise and then asked for my seed and password.

    Really hoping I haven't lost my coins!

    Help is much appreciated.

    Note; I also had dodgecoin and bytecoin wallets on these drives and was able to recover those with no issues. I'm hoping it's as easy as copying some files from the previous location to the new location and they'll be there with no issues as well.

  • Fixed the problem.

  • I am having the same problem, I enter my password and no luck - please can you let me know how you fixed this? thanks

  • @frontell Did you recreate the wallet from seed? Just use your seed as your PW again.

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