Improvements from an actual paying consumer.

  • Hi. I want the company to succeed. I stored some data on Sia today. A couple of very basic tips in user friendliness as I think that is the most under focused aspect of most new cryptos today:

    1. I got an error message when my SC was not enough to cover the storage costs. The error box was the same version of an error box you would receive if you did something drastically wrong to Windows. Make it less scary.

    2. Every time I hover my mouse over something, I want a small description box of what that icon is. For example: the 3 blocks and the 3x next to the size of my data being stored. Let me hover my mouse over it and know what that means (I can obviously guess what it means but tell me in a couple words anyways).

    3. My 600mb data was stored. Let me click on it and somewhere a description box comes up to let me know that X anonymous peers have portions of my file and it is more secure than storage has every been. Sell the sexiness of this project to people right there. Let them get excited about how secure and redundant their data now is. Maybe next to "sia" at the top of the program you have a one liner about just how amazing, secure, redundant, impenetrable, etc., Sia is.

    4. When I'm buying storage, let me input how much storage I need and then a price in SC comes up. Not the other way around. Also, perhaps a price in SC and a price converting that SC to $ (maybe that would compromise complete decentralization so disregard if so).

    5. Perhaps a symbol where "sia" also has some representation of security... "sia" as is on the GUI looks cute and nice but not a symbol of security. Maybe this doesn't matter at all but if the "a" looked like a small vault lock or something. Just an idea.

    6. It took an hour or two to get the contracts. This is obvious but it would be better if that was much quicker.

    I'll think of more :) Good luck.

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