Questions on Initializing Synch'ing, Backing Up, Restoring & Pricing

  • Hey all, some questions concerning the service.

    1. For my allowance, would it be possible to buy storage rental ahead of time by months?
    2. In the instance I have to refresh my system, would I still have to wait a painfully long time to restore my wallet/account syncing it, or would that be shortened now that it's established?
    3. What would I need to restore my account if I was moving/migrating? My wallet file and/or my Seed+Pass ?
    4. Read in the timeline that "Small File Support" would be a planned initative for the next few months. Does that mean that smaller files such as text, html, database & PDF & audio files all under 40MB as of right now wouldn't be backed up due to the "Minimum file size" requirements?

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