Plex integration

  • I see streaming av is on your roadmap. has a massive following and already supports cloud storage providers like dropbox, google drive, etc. Perhaps you could kill two birds with one stone by working with them to add SIA as a cloud storage provider. It would bring an already dedicated user base into the Sia fold and working with plex developers would reduce expense of bringing streaming services to SIA.

  • @Unit22 I am not sia, but I think that approach of partnering is a better way than trying to fix some little solution stand alone. I hope SIA will be the back bone of decntralized storage with good bridiges and integrations to 3rd parties for two reasos; to boost demand for storage and to have the better user experience combindng this ability with already proven solutions eg in the streaming area - could be back up solutions as well, could be file sharing solutins too.

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