Some technical questions about sia

  • Hi,

    im not an expert of how sia in detail work if we speak about the code and the blockchain, thats why i want to aks some common questions here:

    1. Will it be possible in future to access a sia cloud without getting fully sync with the network?
    2. How big is the current blockchain (in Mb) and how much this will increase next years?

    I aks this because I think a cloud need bit more to get popular then what we have at the moment. Access on all devieces, especially on smartphones. Instant access without downloading always the blockchain. Support media streaming and all this what a good cloud can do at the moment. I think at the moment sia is very cheap price per TB volume if you compare with other clouds, thats true. But on the other side it does not really include any comfort like it is common on other clouds.

  • You're spot on with your observations, all of that is on the roadmap. Check the roadmap for more:

  • How big is the current blockchain (in Mb)

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