Help needed understanding costs/displays

  • Hello, newb here usually OK with crypto tech but a bit baffled by Sia, I understand the principles etc. but am struggling to understand the UI. I made some contract requests for storage and I believe I allocated 7500 Siacoin for 3 months (I might be wrong on the number of weeks) or so storage. I uploaded 40 or so files.

    Now, I see that a TX is debited each time an upload has been made/paying for storage and the total value of these debits is for 7700 SC but it displays 824 SC as total spent in the UI. When I add more coins to the wallet they are being 'spent' as far as I can see. Wouldn't any expenditure need to come out of the 7500 allocated and why has the total TX value exceeded this whilst showing only 824 SC has been spent?

    I have attached screenshots to facilitate the explanation of what I see,

    I am quite confused, tried the Wikis etc. but am still none the wiser.

    Please help me in my dummy moment.

  • This transactions you see in the wallet - not a spending transactions but allocations transaction.
    Coins is locked up in contracts for later use: to make micro-transaction to hosts each time you upload or download something without sending new transactions via main blockchain.
    Actual spending = 824 SC for now.
    This is a normal behavior.

    But for allowance - i think there is a bug in current sia renter module which allows clients to spend more than the specified limit without user permission if minimum contract target(50 by default) not reached yet.

  • Thanks very much for your response, on running 'renter contracts' in the terminal I can see who the 'offender' is and that I will get the SC back circa block 126K...

  • I should have added that 41k went out to a contract when I added more funds, I thought this was spent in a minor panic but see that it is just reserved now.

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