Sia Port Opening Instructions (by moorsc0de)

  • iam using Sia-UI-v1.2.2-win32-x64

  • it is finely working well
    now host is online and green ^^
    something is wrong with Sia-UI-v1.2.2-win32-x64
    when i remove it and switch to Sia-UI-v1.2.1-win32-x64 it is working well
    thanks man

  • @vHost see this thread I wrote. May or may not help- but sounds lik your using an older version...

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  • @mosolene I believe someone else has reported the same.

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  • This post is deleted!

  • @nevetsyad

    With 1.2.2, I had to open 9980 to make things work completely. Opening just 9981 and 9982 alone was not enough in my case. Some may disagree that we have to open the port, but I may be a noob with Sia but I know firewalls and I could see tcp/9980 being blocked at the firewall destined for my hosting machine. Once I opened the port and forwarded the 9980 traffic to the hosting server, everything became happy.

    Do I like having to open extra ports, no, but I found it was needed here.

  • @casbot1969

    9980 is the control port. If this is open, anyone has full access to your siad and can manipulate it. This includes emptying the wallet.

    There is ZERO reason you need to have 9980 exposed to the internet.

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  • @casbot1969 my instructions say nothing about opening port 9980. Proceed with caution.

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  • Riddle me this: I have a Eero home router network with an iMac and WD My Cloud Home 8TB HDD. I've gone through my Eero router settings and opened the ports specified above for both the iMac/HDD. Neither our working and the Host connection is showing active at first then changing.

    I would like to host on the WB My Cloud Home which is connected to my network and the SIA UI is on my iMac.

    Is this possible?


  • @PubPete Any thoughts on this?

  • @PubPete said in Sia Port Opening Instructions (by moorsc0de):

    Is this possible?



    You would run Sia on the iMac, and have the HDD connected to the iMac. Since Sia is running on the Mac, and is seeing the storage on the iMac, there's no need to do anything with/for the HDD.

    You can't forward the same ports to 2 different devices. It sounds as if you didn't follow the procedures exactly, else you would've noticed that. Recommend you undo all the changes on the Eero and start again.

  • @xurious your a legend,, I read somewhere 9980 had to be open,, its now closed

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