Questions about file uploading in Sia

  • @Taek @xurious @bryan .

    Hi everyone, I have two questions about file uploading in Sia, thanks a lot for your advise!

    1. When a renter uploads a file, the file will be divided into multiple pieces and each piece is uploaded separately by a worker. Considering the case that in order to upload a file F, a renter R needs to upload 100 pieces of F to host H, I noticed that the file contract between R and H needs to be updated after uploading each single piece. I am wondering what is the consideration behind this design. Why not updating the file contract once after uploading all the 100 pieces to host H?

    2. In order to change the piece size, I increased the Sectorsize from 4KB to 4MB. After that, however, the uploading progress always showed 0% when I tried to upload a 32MB file. Any hint for the reason? I setup a local SIA cluster with 1 gateway, 1 host, and 1 renter. The renter uploads files to the host, and I compiled the code using "Dev" version.

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