cant delet folder

  • HI all,

    month ago i tried sia, but dosent work for me, so i decied to delete sia from my pc.
    now i will try again. but there is an old shared storage folder in my list which i cant delete. this folder dosent exist on my hdd, i cant change it. "no storage folder exist on this index"... what can i do to delet it an start fresh from beginning?

  • @montagid
    delete sia folders and your storage folders should delete no prob.

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  • I hve the saem... every time I restart the client some very old files keep recurring. However the files are not able to dosnload either.. Like ghost files not really alive :-)

  • i have the exact problem:

    error removing folder
    no storage folder exists at that index

    create another storage folder with another name and same size then copy its content in the storage folder that you cannot delete. sia must be closed thall this time

  • it worked for me. thx a lot

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