Ouch SIA; Hosts leaving?

  • I've been following the inflow of hosts which has happend at a high and increasing rate. Lately I've noticed #of hosts going down, which I have not seen before. I as a very true and devoted SIA-person wonder: (please note I've only observed this via SiaHub and Siapulse, who are not always synced on the number of husts/storage, so I cannot verify if number of hosts is accurate!?)

    • Does the community get confused about SIA beeing eihter a software provider og a HW producer, now introducing Obelisk?

    • Did someone loose trust in the road map, where a promised june release has not yet hit the road?

    • Does the SIA network need to be more mature and is there is enough support avaiable to really go exponential with this?? Following the forum revealing a lot of bugs or mis understandings and difficult to fix issues!?

    • Do the SIA founders soon need to pave the way for alliances with 3rd parites to we can start grow that poor 1% (one) of storage utilization to actually really incentify the hosts to stay and new to join? -> if you look at the host list, only around 25 hosts have managed to get their utilization to more than 50% !!

    • Does SIA ned more PR in the media to market the good solutions

    • is there a dfined stragety towardes "competing technolgies" - STORJ, MaidSafe, DASH-drive(the lates new comer in the storage space)

  • @larsfloe
    Why hosts are leaving? I see 2 main possibilities.

    I have no problem with that (host count and SC price falling), as it should mean hosting price (measured in SC) should rise.
    That in turn makes my theory about relation between hosting-renting price, mining rewards (inflation/hashrate) and coin price more credible.
    My host stays online, my hosting price is still significantly over the median but possible earnings (if rented out) are still significantly under the possible mining reward of a single GPU.
    The weak point currently is the demand side for hosting services, which can be improved by

    1. fixing the bugs/inefficiencies for those wanting to upload and store bigger amounts of data
    2. making the price for renting more transparent/predictable and allowing to set or at least see "critical maximum payable fees" before setting the allowance and making any contracts.

  • From my experience as a renter, the current state of Sia can't handle larger files that take longer than half a day to upload. I'm sitting on 30TB of data I'm willing to try out on Sia, but I can't get 4 files (250GB total) to upload. I've tried multiple PCs, with different wallets and nothing works. After a half a day, the upload goes from 40mbps to .1mbps and never recovers.

    I agree with @reinisp bugs have to fixed with uploading or the only market will be hobbyist and hosts won't get significant reward.

  • Current default settings cant handle hostdb grow.
    So hostdb have a lot outdated data.

    Adjusted settings for siahub wallet.
    Enough to keep fresh db for now.

    After update we have big fall since many hosts not scanned fast/properly due big hostdb.


  • @larsfloe Another reason for the decline is host simply arent making the kind of coi they thought they would for parsing out free storage. Given the time- and upkeep of the process.. it is more than difficult to get started. Once started the interface takes time to settle in. Then once settled in... your basically waiting.. and while waiting your not getting contracts that are profitable (esp given Sia Coins recent and expected dip)- due to not just this, but also the renter experience as well. Many have been loosing coins and not getting the return on the experience either. So overall the decline is bootstrapped. Bad user experience- no need in users using. No need in users using= bad host experience. You ant PR your way out of bad user experiences. Once the experience has been made... very hard to revert it.. esp with early adopters.

    These dual problems signify a major problem Sia - I do not think will recover from....but does explain the decline along with what sanasol said. :)

    Unofficial User / Tester / Analyst of Sia ( w/Renter and Host experience)


  • I do not know about hosts, but the reason I did not try storing more data are big contract fees (it wanted 1600 SC just to make a contract) and uncertainty about what happens after contract expires, 3 months really are not much. I actually do not have that much data (or rather, bandwidth for much data), but it would be nice to store encrypted backups in a decentralized way. Although one host-one guest is hardly decentralized now, is it?

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