Public accesible files for everyone to download

  • Hello, I want to know if with SIA one can create a file that could be downloaded by anyone, only requiring that one to pay for the costs of the download, I mean, the bandwidth and IOPS from used.

    The purpose of this could be that some one uploads a song or a video, and shares with other people, that download it, as pay per view.

  • @osoverflow - it is a very good question. I'm not sia, but as I understand is, SIA devs want to be the back bone of decentralized storage. However there are pans to do simple file sharing in the road map.

    The road map is here: ->

    I don't think the intention is to build full blown services around the storage as you suggest there, but idea is for 3rd parties to either use SIA as an alternative to storage solutions already build into any services around or to have new services arising around SIA.

    Today the only way to interact with the storage system is by getting SIA coins, using the core wallet/client and understnading how the whole thing works. All storage is paid for by SIA coins that is highly volatile, so you'd need to find a way around letting the masses pay somehow easy

    If any new service couldtake that hazzle out of it it would be very convenient. The storage will by definition be dead cheap due to the nature the price is calcualted and due to the participants in the network.

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