Bug: lost all allowances

  • This might be normal and not necessarily a bug.

    I'm running 1.2.2 on Windows.

    I had a few allowances since I was renting out approximately 1TB.

    When experimenting, I deleted the wallet folder. I then recreated my keys using the memorized passphrase. Except now all of my allowances disappeared and I have no more storage space available...

    My own fault obviously... but just wondering if this is an intended consequence of deleting the wallet folder... Or if there is a mechanism in place to load the active contracts from the blockchain when restoring a wallet, if this is even feasible at all.

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    @jeff I don't believe restoring the wallet brings back your files. I'm not sure how that works. But it's definitely not as dynamic as it should/will be.

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  • Yes I suppose the files are one thing... But it also lost the space that I rented out. It's not aware I spent some sias to create allowances.

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