Absolute path

  • I am trying to add a storgae path

    siac --addr host folder add /mnt/sia/host-storage 500GB

    given that i have used the leading / i dont understand why I am getting the error

    Could not add folder: storage folder paths must be absolute

    SIAC from cli on windows machine
    SIAD is running on a headless linux machine

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    @halcy0n3 absolute means C:/folder/ or http://address: port/folder. Basically the longest form.

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  • @bryan
    I have tried as suggested but no joy.

    in linux
    is the root directory and is the absolute path
    if i didnt specifiy / then it would be realitive to the current directory whatever that may be.

    ie if i had
    mnt/sia/host-storage 500GB
    then it would be relative
    /mnt/sia/host-storage 500GB
    is an absolute path

  • update:

    just couldnt be done remotely

    i used siac on the local machine via putty and iut worked

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