Best storage ever, if you have this...

  • I can imagine 2 types of super secret files that need this tech: keys to launch nuclear bombs and child porno.
    So what's the idea:

    1. I upload file with sia
    2. It splits file on several parts
    3. Parts automaticly transferred on different computers by choosen interval of time. 5 minutes on Jacks computer in England, then 5 minutes on computer of Bob in USA etc...

    If i am scared that i loose 1 part of file and will never be able to get full file, so i choose to make "1/2/3 copy splits". The price at that moment will be doubled, trippled. This splits will all be different by size and adresses of computers.
    This technology would be really expensive if you would choose any of simple cloud storages right now, but i think it is possible with blockchain.
    I wonder if this is possible right now in sia? I didnt find this in Storj, didnt check maidsafe yet.
    And it would be great, if you add pasphrase encryption when uploading files.

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    @HydroPanic 3x redundancy is free and automatic. You could do more on your own but only then would it cost more. You can encrypt the files before you upload them and have a virtual double encryption that only you have the key to. However if it's the government you're worried about even if they could get a warrant they'd still only have a fraction of the file. Once they had the file it would take them decades to hash out.

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  • So does sia do splitting, when file is uploaded or it uploads as a full file and then stored on someones computer? And if there an option to set time interval to transfer files (parts of file) between computers?

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    @HydroPanic I believe it uploads and splits at the same time then starts making redundancies. I don't think there are many settings this early in the project.

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  • One part is uploaded to 30 hosts and you need to have online only 10 of them.

  • @bryan per my research- the renter is not necessarily charged for the 3x redundancy..but their contracted 'space allocation' (amount of space they purchased) is charged.

    Example: I buy 30GB of data. If I upload 10GB the system is not charging me in additional SC, but it appears via the contract file that the overall amount of data used is 30MB due to the 3x redundancy.
    This can be a problem for hosters who may be sacrificing additional storage capacity for no charge.

    I mentioned this in dev just yesterday. I understand what we are told, but what we are told versus what we can prove and see can be 2 different things. The 'renter contract' file shows what I am saying.

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