wallet emptied - fairly sure it wasn't me.

  • I had Sia-UI set up for hosting, with a balance of about 2082 SC. This afternoon I came back to my PC to see the wallet empty, all coins removed in transaction 3b3965063379d8f008533f58353e823dd2218e2ddf881b72bc4b651d0849dc24. The address to which is was sent is not in my "wallet addresses" list.

    Any ideas what happened here?

    Edit: here's what's weird: I backed-up and reinstalled Sia-UI, and used siad.exe and siac.exe on the command line to unlock/check the wallet. When I restarted Sia-UI, my SC were there, minus 0.25. What's odd is that the transaction ID for the -2082 SC is the same as for a 0 SC transaction, with the same timestamp. See the before and after screenshots:


    Is there and explanation here that I've missed? What's the effect of running siad.exe and siac.exe as alternatives/alongside Sia-UI?

  • Are you renting storage?

  • I had been, yes. But no contracts had come in and collateral was set to the default.

  • I'm unable to tell whats before and after- assuming top is After due to the deduct.

    If your renting how much space are you actually using?
    When did you post your allowance? date?

    Also how much are you hosting?

    All of these factors play into collateral spend or even renewal spend (depending on how long you have been hosting & renting).
    Its no free to have endless hosting space.. it costs SC to do so via collateral if contracts exist. I am not 100% sure if the contract executes based on available collateral or available space. Some of the things I have seen has proven its not by either of the 2 as contracts can be bought with 0 space which would imply 0 collateral.

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  • Refresh your sessions..sometimes contracts are there and do not display. Best way to confirm is a host -v. and a renter -v.

    Host -v will show lost collateral (if any). Renter -v will show space used.. but depending on contract end payment could be due.

    contract list shows that info as well.

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  • Sia Explorer shows this ID got the coins-


    perhaps a withdrawal to an exchange or new wallet? Or gift to a family friend? Dunno.

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  • I hadn't withdrawn it. The top picture is Before. -2082 with transaction ID 3b39... The second image is After, the same transaction ID with 0 SC (and now my balance is back!)

    Thanks for the explanation of the collateral, but I'm fairly sure it's not that. Even if so, would Sia-UI take /exactly/ all my funds as collateral?

  • @ciaron theoretically- its possible.
    If you farmed out 100% of your space at the same time- yes. If your collateral levels are high as well. Yes.

    Collateral shouldnt be set at 100% of your price however. Should be a percentage of the price.
    All hosts have to have collateral to backup what is used on the network- otherwise it wouldnt be "collateral". Glad to see the coins returned.

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