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  • First off, let me say that I am very impressed with the Sia tech, as well as the productivity and professionalism of the dev team.

    On to my question. From browsing the forum, blog, github and whitepaper, I get the impression that the success of Sia is almost entirely due to three developers (Vorick, Champine, Howell), one of whom is also CEO. While this makes the current state of the project even more impressive, I'm a bit concerned that three developers, no matter how competent, will not be enough to handle the upcoming flood of bugs, support requests, network attacks, etc., required to successfully take on the cloud storage behemoths.

    The jobs page ( only lists one engineering vacancy, and it seems like there is no link to this page from the main site.

    If anyone, particularly Nebulous insiders, could explain the current status and future growth plans for the team, that would be greatly appreciated.

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    @GUID0 I'm not sure yet that they have enough capital to hire a large work force. I brought this up to them once and that's how I became a moderator as a volunteer. Maybe they need to do a secondary crowd sale or possibly more volunteers.

    Make sure you tag me @bryan if you need to me respond.
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