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  • Will Sia storage be available for mobile phones in the future? I am ready to replace dropbox but need access to my files on my android.

  • I'm not SIA, but please see the road map here:

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    @TBM I think after this next patch someone could run a vps gateway and attach an app for a phone to use. But as far as Sia having their own app for it might be pretty far out.

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  • I only found that they will add support for mobile wallets but a mobile phone cloud access is definately important.
    I don't want to miss that auto-sync from Dropbox where all my desired files get synced from my phone as soon i'm connected to a wifi.
    And i hope that it will as user friendly as dropbox and think this absolutely necessary in order to go mainstream.
    Sia could charge the same price even but first it has to be easy to use ...
    The synchronizing time is a real problem too in my opinion...of course it has to sync first and technical or people who care about their security won't mind this but in order to go mainstream i can see this as a real disadvantage.

  • there is a cool initiative here - but it is not "light":

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