Anticipated Revenue

  • Hi,

    Can someone explain me the way this parameter is calculated.

    I get it by questioning my host with siac as in:

    ./siac --addr x.x.x.x:9980 host
    Host info:
    Connectability Status: Host appears to be working.

    Storage:      X.XXXX TB (2.869 GB used)
    Price:        XX SC / TB / Month
    Max Duration: 25 Weeks
    Accepting Contracts:  Yes
    Anticipated Revenue:  144.5 SC
    Locked Collateral:    1.438 KS
    Revenue:              0 H

  • @ArneVR
    That is simple math:
    Anticipated Revenue = {contract count}x{contractprice}+{used storage}x{storageprice}+{uploaded TB}x{uploadprice}+{downloaded TB}x{downloadprice}

    Maybe minus lost collateral, but I'm not sure

    Look at siac host -v output and you will see these details.

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