Hash for transfer not found....?

  • I just made a transfer to this sia address in bittrex exchange from hitbtc.

    I cannot see the transaction confirmation or record etc. It says hash not found in database

    Address: 9218ba9159c8cc041ff45ad9da06568b17e1ca7b9042d995d5aa0893c5cfbb839a3e513d23c9
    Transaction hash: abe40bddc8f8f2b17696be1642fc5afec305497be66520c14f8412e01dbafb15
    Operation ID: c078671c-99e9-49ce-b830-2593dfd6b5e1
    Date Created (UTC): 13/06/2017, 06:58:15
    Date Updated (UTC): 13/06/2017, 06:58:15

    Here is how its shown on HitBTC
    c078671c-99e9-49ce-b830-2593dfd6b5e1 2017-06-13 06:58:15 Withdrawal SC -92390 .00000000
    92400 .00000000

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    @umarj It may be possible that hitbtc has the same problem as Poloniex where some transactions are not submitted properly.

    Make sure you tag me @bryan if you need to me respond.
    Forum Mod. I cannot fix transactions. I can't help with Mac or Linux.
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