Mining Bug Discovered - Fix in 0.5.2-rc3

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    This is announcement to say that we've found a mining bug, and it appears that all versions of the miner are affected from 0.5.0 forward. In a recent release, it seems like (due to the new networking code) the bug triggered for many 0.5.1 miners. I think that we have found the bug. While at this point, only some (just some) v0.5.1 miners were affected and nobody else, everyone else appears to be vulnerable to the bug. The conditions under which it triggers are rare, and under the current versions all you need to do to fix the problem is delete your miner.json and then your consensus.db. This means you'll need to re-download the blockchain.

    A fix in 0.5.2-rc3 should stop this issue entirely. If you upgrade a broken miner to 052r3, it should spit out a warning that says it's broken, but then it should also fix itself. Re-downloading the blockchain should not be necessary, but if you want to be extra careful there's no harm in doing so (and, re-downloading the chain should fix the problem even if I'm incorrect about the latest releasing solving the bug). I will also point out that networking in the 052rX releases is substantially improved. Blockchain download should not freeze anymore, should not ever get stuck, and should happen in a low number of hours. The total amount of bandwidth consumed should be down by as much as a factor of 10. Even if you already are caught up, the amount of bandwidth used for transferring new blocks should be down by a factor of 5-20. The amount of memory used should be reduced by several hundred MB.

    While the 052 release does not have the major renter+host upgrades that we're all anxiously waiting for, 052 represents some significant improvements in the networking and in the overall stability of the daemon. I strongly encourage everyone to upgrade when the full release is out, because it should make for a much better experience. Miners should also see a lower orphan rate.

    At this point, we believe that 052 is stable, but want to wait a few days to verify that rc3 has not introduced any new bugs. If no new bugs are reported in the next 48 hours, we will be releasing the full rc3.

  • Hi,

    Why does the miner doenst use multiple cores? Is this also a bug?

  • @mecixo said:

    Why does the miner doenst use multiple cores? Is this also a bug?

    You are probably using the sia-gpu-miner which mines only on a single GPU. If you want to mine on multiple GPUs, simply run multiple instances of the miner and specify which GPU to use in the command line arguments. Alternatively, use the gominer which mines on all GPUs automatically.

    Download links:

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    Also worth mentioning that we changed the cpu miner to use a single core, because it's for development and doesn't need to be hogging all of the cores on your machine. Plus, it cleaned up the code quite a bit, which means the miner is a good example of what a Sia module looks like. (Simple, but complete, including logging, persistence, clean shutdown... uh, I think. Maybe the miner is still somewhat incomplete).

  • Nope not using gpu. ;)

    they change the code to use a single core! thanks!

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