Sia UI Broke Itself

  • I got some Sia, have been 'hosting' a couple GB split into about 5 separate folders (~ 185GB reserved, ~176GB used) for about 10 weeks and nabbed a couple contracts so that I could test the waters... and it failed dismally. I was using v1.1.2 on windows 10 and things were going fine, then one day Sia UI just started displaying some error message gibberish... So I downloaded v1.2.2, ran it through the upgrade process and now it's gone ahead and wiped ALL my remaining funds (~780sc) and whilst it recognizes under 'hosting' that the Drives are still available and Accepting Contracts has been set to 'Active', it claims there are no open contracts and my balance is too low (<2000sc, ie 0 because I lost all my funds?) yet my HDD still has the siahostdata.dat files and 176GB of space? It should be noted that the UI was broken for like 2 or 3 days before I fixed it so my balance could have been eaten by fines... but considering it broke itself for no apparent reason I don't really feel that it's my fault. I just don't know how to point the UI 'host drives' to the .dat files, and also it seems weird that my balance would be wiped by a single transaction.
    This doesn't make any sense to me, and with a blockchain application like this I doubt I can get my funds back, but this is nonsense. If hosting is this unreliable I'm certainly not convinced about storing files on the network...
    Anyway, I don't know if anyone can advise me on where I went wrong or what happened, but I don't think Sia is a system I'm comfortable using going forward. I really thought the configuration and separate blockchain system was a much better alternative to Storj and its simple 'Plug and Play' type interface, especially for a planned commercial operation, but this sort of network instability isn't viable, beta software or not.
    Fines are a great way to incentivize a stable network, but when they chew through your investment when the software itself is broken they become a pain. I had ~1800sc expected by the end of contracts so we'll see if that ever arrives and whether it'll be enough to try hosting again, but I certainly will not be investing BTC/ Fiat into buying sia so that I can host again. Maybe i'll PoW mine enough to throw some storage up once the network seems more stable or the client gets polished, but I think the commercial operation will be run on Storj once they are running on the Ethereum chain. Makes me sad but at this point sia seems more scammy than storj (which is surprising)

  • What do you find from reviewing your recent transactions, and the log files?

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