Moving data to different host after contract expires

  • Once your data is already uploaded to host, let's say at the end of contact you wanted to switch to another host. Do you need to download the data to your machine again before searching for a new host or there is an intelligent way the system can transfer the data over to the new host from previous host, without you download and upload again? Thanks

  • At the moment.. I believe you have to setup your new hosting platform on the new system - meaning you have to download the blockchain to the new host. IP address and the synchronized blockchain are required for contract hosting. Reason for this- is it ensures the host is valid among the other nodes.

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  • I think you misunderstood me. Im asking as a user point of view. I am renting a storage space therefore uploading my files to a host. Since a contract has its duration, the host will only hold my files for that long. Once the contract ended or soon to end, i will need to look for a new host. My question is, what happen to the files? Do I need to download it to my local machine and upload again to a new host, or there is a way the files can be transferred to the new host without me download then upload again. If I have TBs of files and growing in the cloud, every time I switch contract i need to download it to my local machine, imagine the pain

  • @wenxinleong
    I think most of your concerns is explained in Sia wiki.
    Essential in short:
    Sia's renter-host protocol supports directly replacing a previously-formed contract. A new contract is formed with a new duration, and references the current data stored on the host instead of starting over from scratch.

  • I apologize. Thanks for your brilliant answer!

  • @wenxinleong
    Why apologize?
    There is a developing handbook for the hosting part, but the information for the renters side is really scarce.
    By asking you say there is more information needed. Or at least it should be easier to find.

  • I do really need to download the data to your machine again before searching for a new host .

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