Best way to mine for Sia?

  • Hi, cryptocurrency enthusiasts! I am so ambitious about this fairly new operation of currencies! We are in the midsts of a digital gold rush! Funny, in the 1920's era we had the Californian goldrush...100 years later we have the digitalized global gold rush!! Anyways, I am trying to set up a few mining rigs in my apartment. I already signed a 2-year lease with the contract stating all utilities included in the rent =). So power consumption is no problem for me. However, I am fairly new to this game, and still, have not come up with the most cost-effective mining rig I could use for harvesting the most amount of coins. Yet, I am very adamant about mining for sia. The difficulty level is still relatively easy, and if I get in there quickly, I can probably mine a good amount of their currency. So I come to you guys, seeking advice from someone who has already mined and is currently in the mining game. Money isn't really an issue right now, I figure I would set up 15 nvidia 1080 ti's hooked up to 3 mining rigs. But here's the problem...I don't know what is the best compatible cpu, motherboard, OS, and how much ram I should have, and things like that...Apparently people are telling me to get a basic motherboard with 1 PCIE, and just use attachments connecting all the graphics cards through extenders. But I heard some people saying they have had problems running crappy motherboards or cpu's. So I am in need of some expert advice here, which is the best OS, CPU, motherboard, and how much ram should I use? Any other tips would be much appreciated! Thanx for reading guys!

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    The only thing really important is the GPU. 1080 is gonna be very good. But you're gonna need some pretty large power supplies and enough circuits in your house. With machines this powerful you're only gonna be able to run one rig per circuit so you'll need to spread the machines all across your house.

    MOBO with at least 5 PCI-E
    8GIGS RAM min
    64gb ssd
    good quality risers.

    Here's a build I like. Just swap the gpus for your choice.

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  • Well a least you are excited about the adventure you are going take., i'm not sure if you actually will come up clean on the apartment contract with utilities included, if you run 3 rigs with 5 cards that means $500 dls on just power consumption, plus your daily use of power then a bunch of coolers to cool the gpus on the rig, then you may want to think how to get the heat out of the aparment without your neighbors notice that something is going on on your apartment . 1760w per rig. do your math.

    • mobo with a least 6 pci-e slots ( but make sure that someone already using it with the 5 or 6 gpu cards. a bunch of MB have the 6 pci-e ports but they dont support more than 4gpus.)
    • intel I3 cpu or higher
    • 128 gb ssd hd.
    • 8 gigs of ram
      get bunch of good quality pci-e risers.
    • Good Power supply 1300w or more preferably 1600w

    Good luck with your project.

  • Let see the options Mining VS investing in this early stage of the project.

    build. 3 rigs with 5 gpus = $6000
    buying $ 6000 in siacoins = 400,000 coins.
    mining siacoins 400,000 with the 3 rigs 6 months.

    the only advantage is if you build the rigs, then you can do dual mining lets say: Ethereum + siacoins = you'll be making about 25 Ethereums in 6 monts. the ethereums will pay for the equipment and you get 400,000 siacoins free. NICE.

  • Indeed, i mine eth + sia on and is so easy. A bit of overclock also increases the revenue.
    I guess at this point every bit matters

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