Ethereum looking for a storage solution

  • Please, NO!

    Sheesh... Why is it that everything, I mean EVERYTHING, has to fucking run on Ethereum?

    There was a question on /r/Monero if it couldn't run on Ethereum instead:

    and a similar post on /r/Siacoin:

    Etherum is a solution without a problem. What's the point of it if all it will ever do is port over existing, proven tech so it can run on this so-called Turing Complete Computer? All I have seen so far in terms of DAPP development is exactly that: nothing that could not be done without Ethereum.

    I guess one day the Eth-boyz will finally find their problem. But enticing talented devs to drop everything and move to (giant pre-mine) Ethereum is nothing but shameless.

  • I think this is more a question of ethereum running on Sia.

  • I share @in-cred-u-lous weariness over all things Eth, however having them run their stuff on Sia, sounds like it could only be a win for Sia

  • Eth & Sia - good idea.

  • is there any update about eth-sia partnership? maybe this is the reason for the ongoing pump. someone must know something

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    @halpmon I don't think there is anything going on with Eth and Sia at the moment. I replied to the tweet in question but didn't get a response. The tweet wasn't really initiated by an Eth dev as far as I could tell.

    In any case, Crypti has been using Sia as a storage backend for quite some time. I'm not sure if Lisk, being based on Crypti, already does so too (I just tweeted and asked them; will update when I hear back).

    Finally, I would not be surprised if there was ever so little politics involved. Storj has raised a small amount of venture funding, Etherum a lot more. I would imagine that if Ethereum was going to depend on a 3rd party storage backend, they would want some control over it and being well-funded Ethereum clearly has some leverage to do so. Unlike Sia where 100% of the coins are "in the wild", Storj is a "pre-mine" where about 90% of the coins are still with the Storj founder(s). So, I think there would be some incentive for Ethereum to choose a storage backend like Storj, rather than Sia, where they could make any private deal and as-such gain some control over development etc.

    Just my 2 cents.

  • The sia founders could also do a deal via siafunds I would imagine. Sia has a nicer incentive system for founders via taxation. Eth would probably prefer Sia over Storj

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