Decentralised app with sia as a realtime storage?

  • I was thinking in building something like for example,
    Using Eth/etc + sia. So the images are saved in sia cloud and served when needed by the front-end...

    Just as a learning project. So I would appreciate some help, guide or advice.

    Ask me if you dont understand, please
    Sorry if my english is bad, still learning.

    Thank you all beforehand.

    Wasn´t sure were to post so move it where it should be...

  • Interesting idea... so all the content is on Sia, and users access it through a browser? I actually thought about that a bit a few days ago!

    You'd need to build a Sia client into the browser as plug-in/extension or JS file that you download from another location (http), then the rest can happen fully de-centralized.

    A more centralized version of that model is the CDN, which AFAIK is very much on the list of use cases for the devs.

    However: before any of that, Sia needs to start supporting file downloads if you don't already have the file locally, which is on the roadmap sometime in the next 2 years...

    Somebody else please jump in and correct me if I got any of that wrong!

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    Yes this can be done with smaller files no problem.

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  • What would be the issue with doing big (100mb +) files? Would be nice to have some ballpark figure of maximum size that would be no problem to upload without any significant delays.