Question to SIA admins

  • @ruredy from polo sir...??

  • I received mine not too long ago as well. Polo has a fix for this from SIA, it just took them a long time to use it. I'm not sure if they have or not since funds are starting to be seen, but be patient until polo works it out on their end. Make sure to open a ticket as well. As long as you entered the correct withdrawal address your funds should arrive, it may just take some time.

  • @lomax i was make a ticket but polo team not replyes it....

  • @satria24 yeah, after 22 days of waiting

  • @ruredy wow very long time, my coin was 2 day so 20 day again i must wait.... :(

  • @Fornax said in Question to SIA admins:

    You can't lose coins that you never received in the first place.

    When you send coins to your wallet just make sure that the blockchain is in sync (you can see it in the top right corner of your wallet window). If it's not in sync your coins will show up once the client is done syncing.

    If the coins never leave poloniex you can't do anything but contact their support, they will try to resend the transaction.

    EDIT: Also make sure that your wallet is always updated to the latest version (currently 1.2.2). Sia has seen a lot of wallet bugs, luckily most of them are just the way transactions get reported in the GUI, and not how many coins you actually have. These bugs are frequently getting patched, so update your wallets!

    i had problems with sia wallet from start first there was small amount missing in diferent adreses n later i decidet to send them to poloniec 3400 coin i copied the adres and send them but there was not the adres i coiped i checked every place i could made mistake but this adres it is not in poloniex and not in my area anywhere

    e0d0a41a21c9d56cfd03dbadfb29f71c588aea52abdf9ab402c27c94bba2ce49 this is that adres wallet that my coins been send .i think there is to much problems with your wallet.

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    @albacoin That's not an address but a transaction ID.

    You sent the coins to 780f55aba3c529614b02b870b8f7b057505af7a2c746f9c6c60379254f5f3d4f7c2826ef1eba

    Everything went well, the coins were confirmed and are still in that address.

    It's also not my wallet.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Fornax yes after one hour thanx i was so worried

  • Hello ,

    I just synced my wallet 74923e72a63bf60d2eaf6eb1c070a17eac7d43029ac2a4a8eaccbd32391dee9df05a4d9248cd and I do not see any of my coins or transactions in my wallet? Please advise what I can do to correct this? When I initially purchased my coins I sent them to wallet and it was there but I had not synced for quite sometime and synced the wallet because I purchased more and now I cannot seem to see any coins in my wallet. Please advise if I need to do something else or what is happening and how to take corrective action to get my coins back.

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