We need a working SIA Wallet!

  • Dear community,

    I just came across SIA 2-3 weeks ago, did my research and I really like the coin and project behind it. Bought some and installed the SIA UI desktop wallet... From that point the fun stopped.

    Sorry, mine is not working (see my other thread) and I see so many users with similar issues, doesn't matter if on windows or mac....
    I see people who have posted here or on reddit 1 week ago and still no response. Some people get it work with some complicated Terminal commands... some people even lost coins... wtf

    A coin can be as good as it wants to be, if there is no SAFE way to store them they are useless.

    This is no bashing, I love the project and it wouldn't bother me so much if I would not see so much potential in SIA.

  • I agree entirely. Sorry but the UI is trash, no disrespect to any of the devs or anyone else, but I and many others have lost coins and run into countless issues with the UI just because it is buggy and the synchronization takes forever. What we really need is an online wallet, or something similar. Is this impossible with sia?

  • I think that a web UI is impossible, or it would be an enormous contradiction.
    The main reason for that is that Sia have as goal to be decentralized, and a web UI would mean that there will be a centralization in one's (or multiple third-party) web server.
    A solution to that is Minebox (https://minebox.io/)
    Minebox is a NAS that runs a web UI for the user and keeps the complicated things like keeping the blockchain synchronized for it, and it respects the decentralization principle because you physically own the box, that is connected to a decentralized network which is Sia.

    Hope I was clear, if not tell me it, i'm not a native English speaker/

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    @doggian I agree. I think the UI and the languages in which it is written in are the key factors in why it is extremely buggy and easily exploited. Also limits its ability to be dynamic.

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  • The "Webwallet" isn't impossible, but

    1. it would be a centralisation, though not at the hosting level what is the main idea of sia, if the webwallet is only a wallet and not a host nor a renter;
    2. the webwallet operator needs to have trust- it's like your bank where you trust your money to be hold safely (you need to tell the operator your seed);
    3. it would be pretty resource (cpu/ram) intensive for the operator;
    4. Summing 2 and 3 makes it costly for the operator and that ends in expenses for the end user (subscription fees).

    Would you pay for a wallet which isn't capable of doing the things sia is meant for?

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    @reinisp Then how do the exchanges do it? Simply using a database with addresses attached to one wallet?

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    Unofficial Web Based Siacoin Wallet. No more syncing.


  • @bryan
    I'm not a sia dev, I don't know :)

    I have no idea if the exchanges have a "special wallets" or nodes with multiwallet support. Or as you said a database with user-address links. I believe to have seen somewhere that a sia wallet can serve (use) up to 9999 or 99999 addresses...
    I think exchanges use some sort of special, customised solutions they can afford to pay for. Wallet operating as such makes no direct profit for them, but is needed just to receive and sort the incoming coins to corresponding user accounts. The user has no control over his/her coins in the exchange wallet as it is at end only a number in the database. Why did poloniex have problems with outgoing transactions but ordinary wallets not? It was a matter of seconds for a transfer transaction between my wallets at the time people were complaining about withdrawals taking days or even weeks.
    A separate user wallet means different seed and thus rescan of the entire blockchain on every seed change (user logon)...

  • I share the same frustration.
    To add to this, I don't get it why I need to use the master seed to unlock my wallet, instead of a passphrase like other wallets.

    So I was trying to use Coinami android wallet, which supports most currencies in one app, but Sia is not there yet.
    With this being the case, I'd better leave my Sia coins on the exchange, which seems safer then the Sia-UI wallet.

  • @gil you can change the passphrase on recent versions of Sia. You may have to use the CLI version though, I don't have the GUI.

  • To all those who claim WEb UI would mean centralization...

    You're imposing your view on usage of SIa and level of security on other users. I wonder if any dev would release such BS from their mouth as that web UI is impossible.What? Bitcoin is supposed ot be safe, other cryptocurrencies too and you have option to have cold wallet OR hot wallet in web UI... It is up to user to determine the risk factor,

    It is wrong to force anyone into any security measure. Look at someone who likes this idea but does not care so much about security of his files. Not every customer is going to store TOP SECRET data here - moreover when data can be lost with the new project like this.

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