What is Sia?

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    This post is meant to be an introduction to the Sia network, culture, and philosophies. The default settings mentioned in this post may have been adjusted since writing.

    Sia was designed with a single original goal in mind: to decentralize the cloud. Today, most data is housed in a central location such as an Amazon datacenter. A single corporation controls all of the data, and often the data is completely unencrypted. Today, putting data on the cloud requires trust. You have to trust that Amazon is going to keep your files safe and respect your privacy. Sia set out to establish an alternate paradigm for putting data on the cloud.

    With Sia, data is stored on multiple storage providers. Sia is fully configurable, but the default setting is to store data across 30 hosts. An algorithm called Reed-Solomon Coding allows us to store parts of the file on each host, such that any 10 hosts are enough to recover the file. A 10-of-30 scheme means that the file will have 3x redundancy. Assuming that each host has a reliability of 90%, the file itself will have a reliability exceeding 99.999999999%. Even where the hosts do not have great uptime, the file will have fantastic uptime. The ability to select hosts across multiple geographic regions means that files on Sia are immune even to region-wide outages.

    Each storage provider is bound by a cryptographic file contract. When a file is uploaded a storage provider, a contract is formed that guarantees the provider will only be paid if they actually store the file for the prescribed amount of time. The provider also puts up financial collateral - if the provider fails to fulfill the contract, not only do they lose the potential revenue, they also lose the collateral. Files can be uploaded to Sia knowing both that there is a high tolerance for faulty storage providers, AND that faulty storage providers will suffer heavy financial penalties. These file contracts are made possible by a blockchain.

    The original design of Sia called for security, privacy, and data integrity. In the process of building the network however, we also created a marketplace. Sia is an open marketplace where any host can participate, and be judged purely according to merit. Hosts are rated by how fast, how expensive, and how reliable they are. With no overhead like customer service, brand name, or legal SLAs, the hosts are able to compete on a single dimension: technological superiority. The result is a network that is highly competitive, and is constantly pushing prices down, extending reliability, and accelerating data speeds. Sia is positioned to not only be the most secure cloud storage platform on the market, but also to be the fastest and most cost-effective platform on the market. In the early days, we are seeing prices that are between 10% and 20% the cost of traditional cloud storage.

    Above all else, Sia is infrastructure that lays the foundation for all apps which require remote data storage. Whether you are backing up your computer, streaming videos, or synchronizing files across a horde of machines, Sia forms the bedrock that will keep data safe in the future.

    More technical posts are on the way, in the meantime, check out the whitepaper. Or, check out the code for our fully functioning prototype.

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    We still use this post because it does a decent job of capturing Sia's goals and intentions. However, we're past the prototype stage. The most recent downloads can be found at https://sia.tech/apps

    And, the best get-started guides can be found at https://sia.tech/get-started

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