How can I change SIA wallet password?

  • I would like to change my SIA wallet password from the long seed to something a bit easier. Is there a way to do this. I use a mac. Thanks

  • Currently,SIA wallet doesn't provide the way to change password.You can set your password when you start the sia wallet first time in the custom pattern!

  • guys. it's pretty important to change the password to this. I realize you gave the custom option at the beginning but it didn't state that we wouldn't change it anymore at a later time, which is something we're all used to having access to doing with almost every app. This feature is very basic so I'd love to see you guys get this implemented asap. Thank youuu. =)

  • Yes this is very very important, I need this feature urgently.

  • There is No way to Change Sia coin Wallet password You can Create a New wallet.

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