Transaction visible in Sia Explorer not showing up in synchronized wallet

  • Hello, I'm having trouble getting my wallet to see my balance. I had a fully synced Sia UI, and I created a new wallet. I sent a test amount of 100 SC into the address from the "Receive Siacoin" option. I have since lost that hard drive, and have synced Sia UI on my new machine. I created my wallet from the same seed as was my old wallet. Sia UI synced the wallet; however, the balance that is shown is 0. How can I recover my coins, and how do I make sure that when I send coins into this wallet, I will be able to successfully recover them via seed in the future.

    Tx hash: 196af6ff3a9eeeaacf5d82475b829fa08e2861765ba930c882d954f25d9edfbe

    Some observations, for reference:

    • the Tx does show up in Sia Explorer
    • Sia-UI is Synchronized and Block Height is greater than the block height listed for the Tx of Sia Explorer
    • wallet addresses does list the "to" address from the Tx in Sia Explorer, implying that the Tx does belong to my wallet
    • wallet transactions is empty
    • wallet balance is zero

    Any help? By all logic, my wallet should have picked up the coins; however, it has not. It has been days, and I'm getting worried.

  • For anyone interested, this particular issue was resolved by upgrading to the new v 1.2.2 Sia-UI, deleting the wallet, and then initializing the wallet from seed. The missing transactions and balance were picked up during the initialization and unlocking scans in the latest version of the software.

  • @adolgov Thanks, how would you delete a wallet? (macOS Sierra)

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