Complete your Sia first-time blockchain sync in 20 minutes

  • Sia's blockchain is currently 4.1 GB (as of block height 105,542). To begin using Sia, your client (either Sia-UI or siac) needs to download the entire blockchain. I've seen reports from several users that this process is very slow, so I'd like to offer a workaround to speed things up.

    I took a snapshot of the blockchain at about height 105,530 and uploaded it to Mega. You can download this file and use it to bootstrap your client. Here's how

    1. Shut down your Sia client (on Windows, you need to right click the Sia icon in the task tray and click "Quit Sia")
    2. Open your Sia consensus folder (see the bottom of this post if you don't know where this is)
    3. Rename consensus.db to consensus.db.old
    4. Download the blockchain snapshot from Mega:!waAVzbxA!ueAYbcC4MNhFHrBotpUmpsIJfDhTDN7CKN3BCdZQkkA
    5. When the download is complete, move the consensus.db file you downloaded to your Sia consensus folder
    6. Start Sia again.

    It will take ~20 mins for Sia to reprocess the new consensus.db file but then once it does, you'll be synchronized with the network. It will take another ~20 mins to unlock your wallet for the first time. After the initial setup, opening Sia-UI, synchronizing, and unlocking your wallet should take <1 min every time.

    Note: Once the new consensus.db file is confirmed working, you can remove the consensus.db.old file.

    Consensus folder location:

    • Windows: %APPDATA%\Sia-UI\sia\consensus\
    • Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Sia-UI/sia/consensus

  • Is it normal for the SIA UI to say "Loading can take a while after upgrading to a new version. Check the release notes for more details" after following your instructions?

  • @pevecg I'm also having this issue. Stuck on this screen.

  • @mtlynch Yeah it's slow on my end too. Is there a reason we need to download the entire blockchain (even after we close and re-open the UI)? And isn't this going to become really impractical as the blockchain grows?

  • @pevecg yes I think it's normal

    @sytd3h5 it's the entire blockchain for now since that's the easiest way to implement it. This will get better as the project matures. Remember that Sia is still far from feature complete, and not optimized yet for ease of use.

  • I also get the "Loading can take a while after upgrading to a new version" message. I just ended up syncing the long way.

  • You can also get siacoin vps with 100% pre-sync blockchain

  • What about SiaBerry, I've over two days of downloading on a fiber optic line. Is there a work around for the Pi?

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