GPU Miner; wishing to invest in storage capacity for the Sia network

  • Not too sure about how it all works but am reading through the info as fast as I can. Wanted to get some opinions though. So I GPU mine, hitting ROI nicely, want to diversify the investment into these networks.

    I wanted to make an investment into 200TB worth of External drives setup in my dataroom. Not so much whether or not its worth it, that's up to me to decide. But what criteria would someones storage node be filled as a priority?

    Let me explain; I spoke to the guys at Storj. They are finding it difficult to get their nodes filled with a mere 200GB. I know there is a demand for cloud and I know that these distributed storage networks. But if I throw 9K at some drives, what would the probability be of getting the storage filled.

    also bandwidth seems to be an issue. I am running a 20/20mbps. Crap connection but it's the best one can get at the consumer level here.

  • please read taeks excellent write up on how prices form in SIA:

    I've been active with the comunity for 4 month, and I see a very slow increase in demand for storage.
    you will struggle to fill many terrabytes quickly as it stands per now.

  • Hi! cheers for the link. read it, didn't quite understand it, but now I have something to work from.

    SIA does want the network to expand with HDD space offered. I think the company will do extremely well, personally. Big market for someone who can come in and undercut Amazon. STORJ undercuts them by 50%. This being more of a marketplace but drive some bargains. I wonder if big businesses who need large data storage will take up the marketplace system over a traditional pay per GB system. time will tell.


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