[Windows/1.2.1/Synced] Missing ShapeShift coins and trying to sweep - but the sweep isn't working

  • Hello,

    I am in a pickle, ShapeShift hasn't send me any Siacoins on a 100% address that I own (I see it using the commandline in the list of wallets). So I wanted to try and sweep using my seed keywords (which I double checked using siac). The thing is I can't get sweeping to work, at all :( ... UI or siac command-wise. Please assist!

    using ui: http://imgur.com/ahCr3pC
    using siac wallet sweep: http://imgur.com/bMwD9TH

  • Having the same issue. I uninstalled SIA UI and reinstalled and now the previous balance isn't even showing. (Not even talking about the transaction i made with ShapeShift)

  • So ... 4 days ago ... anybody here?

  • Your error just saying that you tried to import seed into the wallet with the same seed.

    You have to create new wallet from your seed in 1.2.2.

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