20k sia coin lost - wallet issue - admin support needed

  • Devs, admins, Please help me to recover 20k sia coin

    1. Computer 1 - I created a SIA Wallet with 50k coins and started to mine (host)
    2. After a while I installed SIA-UI on another server - computer 2
    3. I wanted to use the same wallet on both computers so I recreated the "new" wallet using the same seed - in my head i could use the same wallet on multiple servers.
    4. Seeing that is not the same ballance and are diferrent wallets, I transfered 20k from computer1 to computer 2:
      Today at 16:01 -20,000.75 SC 41b1f409420d10a8250d179c2ee9ea01974b5326fe5d9f69d98d5df1e5b52fb5
    5. I see receiving the 20k on wallet 2
      2017-05-14 23:04 20,000 SC 950967a9cc9da5000f8c71a25bea4b7b054f76fcefd73aa165846469d3fa65ab Confirmed
    6. BUT Then I see them going away.....
      Where are they?
      2017-05-15 01:33 -19,999.4 SC 7fc98a18d840b5769671d05a36e40ce20ce295cebd0a88d708245159d5c39762

    Thanks in advance,

  • Hello guys, admins,

    I need you reply/help.

    Please reply.

    My computer 1 host is not showing anymore on the siapulse map.

    This is computer 2:

    Please help / advise.

    p.s. I am currently hosting 1TB now from the computer 1 host, planning to start a farm of 20-30TB, heavy investor in SC coin

  • admins

    Hey, you should not use the same wallet on both computers, they will get confused and do silly things. They won't lose coins, but they may get stuck and show the wrong balance, etc.

    You should start with a clean slate on both computers. Give one the old wallet seed (run wallet init-seed --force in the terminal), and give the other one a completely new seed. This is a good place to start. You can also check out siawiki.tech for help with your hosts.

  • Thank you taek for the reply.

    I will do what you say, i just want my 20k coins back.

    I deleted completely Sia on the second computer, it was anyway a fresh install.
    On the first computer I have 3800+ hosting contracts which i dont want to loose, hard to make them in ~100 days of uptime...

    1. Deleting the wallet from the first computer will not be a problem for the hosting part?

    2. How do I transfer the hosting part to another computer which has a diferrent wallet?

    3. I do this clean recovery of the wallet with version 1.2.2? I saw there are some bugs in the recovery of a wallet with 1.2.1.

  • admin up, need help please.
    20k sia coins lost...
    Need to get them back...
    Please advise admin

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