Host Unreachable

  • when you say "using" are you referring to hosting?
    If you were hosting this would mean you had ports open- but you also wouldnt be getting that msg.

    If you have never hosted then I would think the ports also have never been opened if your continuing to get the "unreachable host" your ports are not open either on the router or firewall.. or if running windows 10.. check the windows firewall as well. Also use this website to confirm the ports are in fact open.

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  • Same problem.. Over the course of a day it will alternate between being connected and not. Running 1.2.2 on Windows. I tried restarting the application, re-announcing, etc., but the problem persists.

  • @jeff Its a port issue. Check your router... also as a insider tip if using windows.. also config the windows fireall to open those ports.. and any specialty software like McAfee Firewall. But usually router is the blame for a connect and then a disco.

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  • I have the same problem. Web sites confirm that I'm reachable on 9981 and 9982. Client says that I'm online and hosting all the time when I check. Yet, I miss random online scans. WTF? I'm mining on this rig, so it's not sleeping or anything. My score is horrible and I'm about to give up. :(

  • @forest21000
    I made a new post to hopefully help some user open their ports. Link here

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  • @jeff Turns out I had to manually open the ports in my router. Not sure why it still managed to connect sometimes considering the ports were closed. Maybe it depends if it's the host that's calling outwards, or if it's the clients that are polling the host? But I don't know how the protocol works. I had the feeling the issue had something to do with inbound/outbound connections as used with iptables. If it's outbound it works, if it's inbound it doesn't... until you unblock everything.

  • This is not only a ports problem. I have created a Host just today, opened my ports and started advertising for contracts. For the first few hours, all was fine and the host was reachable. I glance at it now and it is unreachable. I was reconing this based on customer requests, but if I cannot get this to work then I certainly cannot recommend SIA to my customers. Nice idea, thus far, but no good if it does not work. I also will not tolerate getting penalized for a poor interface when my configuration is fine.

  • I had this problem for a few days now. Here's how I fixed it -
    I'm running the Sia-UI v 1.3.0, Windows 10, Symantec Antivirus and a Linksys router with Smart Wi-fi.

    First, the Sia-UI wasn't announcing the correct IPv6 address for me. Google "my Ip address" and make sure the address you're announcing is actually your public IP address. I double checked with ipconfig and they were different. When you hit the announce button you can edit the address being announced. Be sure not to remove the port - I believe the syntax was [your IPv6 address]:9982.
    Next, I realized that I was running multiple firewalls. My antivirus runs one and my router runs one. With Symantec click options under network threat protection and configure the firewall rules to allow traffic for ports 9981-9982 using TCP. UDP wouldn't be appropriate here. Also, I had to allow traffic through the firewall on my Linksys router by going to Security in the Smart Wi-fi main screen and clicking "Add IPv6 Firewall Setting." Again using 9981-9982 using TCP.
    If you don't have an antivirus and you're using windows firewall you'll need to go to Windows Firewall>Advanced Settings>Inbound Rules and add a new rule with the same configuration.

    Additionally, in my router, I had to go to the Apps and Gaming Tab of the Security page to port-forward 9981-9982 to the correct IPv4 address.

    Once I made these configuration changes I restarted the Sia-UI and was able to connect to the network and find my IPv6 address on

    EDIT: I debugged this with Wireshark. It's an invaluable tool!

  • For anyone still having this problem, I found it helpful to disable IPv6 in my router :D After that, it worked

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