'Probationary Hosting Period' to encourage Sia adoption

  • Hi Sia Community

    This is just a thought bubble I have and wanted to get thoughts/criticisms of it.

    Currently, a host is required to front collateral before they can start hosting. I understand the rationale of this, but it does provide a barrier to entering the Sia 'ecosystem' - people may be put off by using exchanges they don't feel comfortable with, mining is not really feasible unless you have invested heavily in multiple hardcore GPUs and the SIA faucet doesn't generate enough Siacoin to front collateral.

    Alternatively, could a 'Probationary Hosting Period (PHP)' provide an easier entry method? I envisage a scenario where hosts must demonstrate for an arbitrary period (e.g. one month) that they have made their storage available on a reliable and consistent basis. Once a host has passed this PHP, they are rewarded with Siacoins that can be used for hosting collateral. As such, the host need only demonstrate their commitment to the Sia network to start hosting and earning.

    Please feel free to call out any flawed assumptions on which I may have based my points.


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