Siad permanently writes on disk

  • Hello,
    I'm running the Sia daemon 1.2.1. with -M gctwh as active host.
    After a recent filesystem error I recognized Siad is writing permanently with ~170 KB/s to disk. What does it write? it should only write new blocks every ~10 minutes and incoming data or not?
    Are there any huge logfiles or something?
    I'm concerned because my Sia folder is on a SSD and they don't like too much writing.


  • that are 14GB per day, any thoughts? does anyone else can confirm this behaviour?

  • admins

    Hi, likely it is running the save loops. The host in particular has a decent amount of continuous writing, but the other modules have some writing as well.

    We're going to be trimming this down as we continue to upgrade.

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