Would Sia be a good fit for storing medical records securely?

  • Let me just quickly answer this myself - I think so.

    When patient data confidentiality, integrity and availability are of importance then you couldn't just go with a centralised cloud service provider. Not to mention cost (when storing CT scans for example).

    The article that inspired this topic was this:

    "Patientory Announces Crowdsale for the Launch of Its Blockchain-Secured Medical Records Platform"

    I'm hoping this will bring some interesting discussion.

    PS The linked article begs for a thoughtful and clever comment/plug for Sia, @Taek @zherbert ;-)

  • Medical institutions were treated by various Ransomwares. So I believe there is a demand from these institutions and they are willing to look left and right from their current Storage solutions, as they proved unreliable.

    Is the Sia network capable of incremental backups? Classic ransomware encrypts all data but let it a few weeks accessible, so the victims backupped the encrypted files and therefore the backups were worthless.

    Just another file loss of thousands of patients:
    NHS cyber attack @ The Independent

  • https://coinjournal.net/estonias-polybius-foundation-building-worlds-first-digital-bank-blockchain-crypto-startups/

    Looks like everyone's doing blockchain storage for medical records and ID-s now :-)

    Developed by HashCoins, Digital Pass will serve as an “automation and digitalization ecosystem” enabling individuals and companies to access all sorts of services, from financial to industrial, using a unique Pass.

    It seeks to become “the universal all-European counter digital ID” and a more efficient and versatile alternative to existing electronic identity cards.

    Digital Pass will be a decentralized repository of users’ private information and personal data – from their credit history to their medical records – in the blockchain, accepted by state and commercial organizations as equivalent to classical ID. Users will be able to decide which pieces of data to show to whom.


    Perhaps Sia can provide the secure storage part and reduce their R&D costs.

  • @snakes imo, sia would be a terrible choice for medical records. For a distributed medical records system, I would want a, say, two-of-three multisig access. This would give me control over my records while allowing a recovering path for the day I lose my sig by mistake.

    Additionally, medical records should be selective; e.g. you would allow some data to be released to an insurance company, but not everything.

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