Sia unlocking wallet fail

  • Hello,
    Since a few days I can not launch sia:
    I launch Sia-ui (on debian 8 64bits version 1.2.1) once the blockchain is up to date I unlock my wallet.
    After 30 minutes - 1 hour the wallet still does not unlock.
    Sia uses 2.5 Gio RAM on 2.9 Gio I have about 250GB of file store

    How do I unlock my wallet?

    Thank you

    Depuis quelques jours je n'arrive pas a lancer sia :
    Je lance Sia-ui (sur debian 8 64bits version 1.2.1) une fois que la blockchain est a jour je déverrouiller mon wallet.
    au bout de de 30 minutes - 1 heure le wallet ne se déverrouiller toujours pas.
    Sia utilise 2.5 Gio de RAM sur 2.9 Gio, j'ai environ 250Go de fichier stocker

    Comment débloquer mon wallet ?


  • Hi.
    I have the same Problem here on Ubunutu Server 16.04 LTS.

  • The first time mine took almost 2 hours to unlock. So, give it a bit more time if possible.

  • problem solved ! I have added ram + 2Gb
    I have 4gb total + 5 gb swap and everything works fine!

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